Contents of Issue #9


K R Bolton: The Influence of H P Lovecraft on Occultism

Helen Conrad-O’Briain: Providence and Intertextuality: LeFanu, M. R. James, and Dorothy Sayers’ The Nine Tailors

Lucy Fife Donaldson: ‘The suffering black male body and the threatened white female body’: ambiguous bodies in Candyman

Alex Naylor: “A horror picture at this time is a very hazardous undertaking”: Did British or American censorship end the 1930s horror cycle


Roger Luckhurst (ed.), Late Victorian Gothic Tales

Marilyn Brock, (ed.) From Wollstonecraft to Stoker: Essays on Gothic and Victorian Sensation Fiction

Kate Egan, Trash or Treasure?: Censorship and the Changing Meanings of the Video Nasties  

Patrick McAleer, Inside the Dark Tower Series: Art, Evil and Intertextuality in the Stephen King Novels

Adam Foulds, The Quickening Maze

Ludmilla Petrushevskaya, There Once Lived a Woman Who Tried to Kill Her Neighbour’s Baby


Black Swan (Dir. Darren Aronofsky) USA, 2010; 20th Century Fox International

Confessions (Dir. Tetsuya Nakashima) Japan, 2010; Third Window Films Limited

The Ward (Dir. John Carpenter) USA, 2010; FilmNation Entertainment

Primal (Dir. Josh Reed) Australia, 2010


Batman: Arkham Reborn (Publisher: DC Comics, 2010) Writer: David Hine, Artist: Jeremy Haun

Dead Space: Extraction (Developer: Europcom Visceral Games, Publisher: Electronic Arts) Platform: Wii

The Strange Adventures of HP Lovecraft  (Publisher:  Image Comics, June 2010)

Metro 2033 (Developer: 4A Games, Publisher:THQ) Platform: XBOX 360, PC


The Walking Dead (AMC, 2010/FX, 2011)

Being Human (BBC Three, 2009-2010/2 Entertain Video, 2010)

Valemont, Season 1 (MTV, 2009)
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