Contents of Issue #8


Drew Beard: Strange Bedfellows: The Chaucerian Dream Vision and the Neoconservative Nightmare

Tim Huntley: Abstraction is ethical: The ecstatic and erotic in Patricia MacCormack’s Cinesexuality

Mark Williams: The Weird of Globalization: Esemplastic Power in the Short Fiction of China Miéville

Christopher Yiannitsaros: ‘I’m scared to death she’ll kill me’: Devoted Ladies, feminine monstrosity, and the (lesbian) Gothic Romance


Jeffrey Weinstock, Scare Tactics: Supernatural Fiction by American Women

Mary Y. Hallab, Vampire God: The Allure of the Undead in Western Culture

Ian Conrich, ed., Horror Zone: The Cultural Experience of Contemporary Horror Cinema

Richard Marsh, The Beetle: A Mystery

Stephen P. Unger, In the Footsteps of Dracula: A Personal Journey and Travel Guide


Dogtooth (Kynodonthos) (Dir. Giorgos Lanthimos) Greece, 2009; Verve Pictures

The Road (Dir. John Hillcoat) USA, 2009; Dimension Films

Ghost Story (Dir. Stephen Weeks) UK, 1974; Nucleus Films (2009)

The House of the Devil (Dir. Ti West) USA, 2009; Metrodome Distribution

Alice in Wonderland  (Dir. Tim Burton) USA, 2010; Walt Disney Pictures


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Developer: Climax Group, Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment) Platform – Nintendo Wii

Alan Wake  (Developer: Remedy Entertainment, Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios) Platform: XBOX 360

Pigeons from Hell (Publisher: Dark Horse Books) Writer: Joe R. Lansdale Artist: Nathan Fox


Scream Queens (VH1, Oct-Dec 2008/MTV, Jan-Mar, 2010)

The Stone Tape (BBC, 1972/BFI DVD 2001)

True Blood: Season 2 (HBO, June-Sept 2009/ FX, Feb-May 2010)

The Day of the Triffids (BBC, Dec 2009)
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