Contents of Issue #7


Anna Powell:  Jack the Ripper’s Bodies–without–Organs: Affect and Psychogeography under the scalpel in From Hell

Linnie Blake: “You guys and your cute little categories”: Torchwood, The Space-Time Rift and Cardiff’s Postmodern, Postcolonial and (avowedly) Pansexual Gothic

Douglas Keesey: Psychoanalysis of a Sequel:  The Disinterment of Pet Sematary Two

Madelon Hoedt: Keeping a Distance: The Joy of Haunted Attractions


Bernard Perron, ed., Horror Video Games: Essays on the Fusion of Fear and Play

Cheiro, A Study in Destiny

John Ajvide Lindqvist, Handling the Undead, trans. Ebba Segerbergerry

Dacre Stoker & Ian Holt, Dracula the Undead

Peter Ackroyd, Poe: A Life Cut Short


Thirst (Dir.  Park Chan-wook) Korea, 2009

Colin (Dir. Marc Price) UK, 2008

Jennifer’s Body (Dir. Karyn Kusama) USA, 2009

Grace (Dir. Paul Solet) USA/Canada, 2009

Tony (Dir. Gerard Johnson) UK, 2009

The Horseman (Dir. Steven Kastrissios) Australia, 2008


Cursed Mountain (Developer: Sproing Interactive, Publisher: Deep Silver) Platform – Nintendo Wii

Batman: Arkham Asylum  (Developer: Rocksteady Studios, Publisher: Eidos Interactive) Platform: Xbox 360

Blood and Water (DC Comics Vertigo) Writer: Judd Winick, Artist: Tomm Coker


The Imp of the Ad-verse: The rise of the slimy little monster in advertising

Wuthering Heights (ITV, August 2009)

Psychoville (BBC Two, June/July 2009)

Dexter Season 4 (Showtime, 2009)


PLUS: Between the Dust and the Devil: An Interview with Richard Stanley


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