Contents of Issue #3


Mark Jancovich:  Crack-Up: Psychological Realism, Generic Transformation and the Demise of the Paranoid Woman’s Film

Brian Jarvis:  Anamorphic Allegory in The Ring, or, Seven Ways of Looking at a Horror Video

Kirsty Macdonald:  Anti-heroes and Androgynes: Gothic Masculinities in Contemporary Scottish Men’s Fiction

Jake Huntley:  ‘I Want to Play a Game’: How to See Saw

Coralline Dupuy:  ‘Why don’t you remember? Are you crazy?’: Korean Gothic and psychosis in A Tale of Two Sisters


Jean Seaton, Carnage & the Media: The Making & Breaking of News About Violence; Joanna Bourke Fear: A Cultural History; Mark Ames, Going Postal: Rage, Murder & Rebellion in America

Jonathan Rigby, American Gothic: Sixty Years of Horror Cinema

Shaun Hutson, Unmarked Graves

Steven Hall, The Raw Shark Texts

Charlie Huston, No Dominion

Gothic NZ: The Darker Side of Kiwi Culture, eds. Misha Kavka, Jennifer Lawn & Mary Paul

Gary William Crawford, Robert Aickman: An Introduction


Grindhouse: Death Proof  (Dir. Quentin Tarantino, USA 2007) & Planet Terror (Dir. Robert Rodriguez, USA 2007)

Halloween (Dir. Rob Zombie, USA, Dimension Films 2007)

Hostel: Part II (Dir. Eli Roth, USA, Lionsgate 2007)

Night of the Eagle (Dir. Sidney Hayers, UK 1962, Optimum Home Entertainment, 2007)

Peeping Tom (Dir: Michael Powell, UK 1960, Optimum Home Entertainment, 2007)

The Mind Benders (Dir. Basil Dearden, UK 1962 Optimum Home Entertainment, 2007)

The Host (Gwoemul) (Dir. Bong Joon-ho, South Korea, 2006, Optimum Asia)

1408 (Dir. Mikael Håfström, USA 2007, Dimension Films)

Black Sheep (Dir. Jonathan King, New Zealand 2006, Live Stock Films / New Zealand Film Commission)


Bioshock (Game Developer: Take 2 Interactive)

The Darkness (Game Developer: Take 2 Interactive)

Hack/Slash – First Cut  Tim Seeley/ Stefano Caselli/ Sunder Raj (Devil’s Due Publishing, 2007)

Doomed (IDW Publishing, 2007)


Dexter (Showtime: FX, 2007)

Twin Peaks (1990-1991) ABC/Universal Home Entertainment (Season One)/Paramount Home Entertainment (Season Two)

Torchwood (BBC Three, 2006)

Supernatural (Seasons 1 & 2, UTV)

Jekyll (Hartswood Films/BBC/Stagescreen Productions, 2007)


Horrorthon – Dublin’s 10th annual horror film festival

David Lynch in Dublin, 20th October 2007


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